Through our strategic partnership with Scientific Molecular Technologies, Log 7 now offers the BIOGUARD Circle of Protection to those looking for the most innovative infection control solution available. Our pathogen management solution provides floor to ceiling efficacy backed by perpetual real-time auditing by an independent GLP lab. We can help you reduce nosocomial infections and save lives. Learn about the Circle.

What's in a name?

From the start, Log 7 Solutions has broken away from the companies who think the status quo, and commodity sales are acceptable. In fact, our name says a lot about us. We don’t sell products, we provide solutions which create value propositions for our clients. Log 7 means “seven nines”, or 99.99999% efficacy as it pertains to log reduction rates on a given set of pathogens. In the general marketplace, it is common to see companies marketing products with log 3 or log 4 kill rates as effective. From where we sit, this simply isn’t good enough. We have several products that deliver Log 7 performance, which means you are approaching terminal disinfection on many surfaces. Even our hand sanitizer delivers Log 5 performance across the widest range of pathogens, effectively putting conventional alcohol-based products out to pasture. Log 7 is an innovator. We are partnered with technology companies whose products (many based in nano-technology) allow us to expand our solutions-based approach to problem solving and delivering ROI. Whether you are an industrial or commercial company in need of ways to more completely or efficiently clean your facilities or the equipment in them, a daycare hoping to market cleaner, safer places for your young customers, a first responder trying to remain healthy regardless of what you encounter on the job, or a healthcare administrator looking to reduce nosocomial infections, Log 7 has the solution set to help you achieve your objectives.